Training Programs

You can expect the same nurturing approach that symbolises Nick’s Food Programs with his Training Programs.

He firmly believes ANY active movement is exercise – and ALL exercise should be engaging, exciting & results driven.

With enthusiasm at the forefront of Nick’s approach, Training Programs are created based on your goal, desired areas of improvement and your ability, aiming to inspire your motivation and excitement for routine exercise. He will foster in you a new perspective on training and teach you the simplest, yet most effective tools, techniques and approaches for optimal results.

Looking for convenience? Then look no further. Training Programs will suit your level of accessibility to equipment. Whether you’re a stay at home mum or dad with a yoga ball and a few dumbbells, a corporate guru with a back yard or balcony gym and feel you have no time to use it, or have invested in a gym membership but lack direction and structure, Nick Knows caters to your needs.

He can design short, high intensity, fat burning workouts suited to a home environment or extensive weights programs helping to drastically increase your exercise catalogue while improving strength and muscular stimulation.

Personal one-on-one communication is encouraged and welcomed, with the added bonus of images, videos or descriptive content aimed to improve technique when performing exercises or movements in the program.

If you’re tired of the same mundane training or exercise and you aren’t quite getting the results you crave, contact Nick Knows Food & Training Programs to advance your regime to the next level.

Take advantage of his affordable Programs, absorb his passion, invest in his experience and knowledge and take a giant leap into the direction of your targeted body.

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