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Food & Training programs for fat loss, muscle building & performance, tailored to suit the needs of our clients & create sustainable habits that positively impact their health, lifestyle & mindset

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Nick Knows Meal plan simply cannot be beaten!
Every meal is carefully planned and personalised to achieve the best possible outcome. They are super easy to cook, specially for working people like me, and they taste delicious.
I loved the way I have learned to cook with spices and herbs instead of using sugary sauces and/or salt.
Nick is an amazingly understanding and encouraging person. The follow ups and regular check-ins have by far exceeded my expectations and they have helped me being accountable and express my thoughts without the fear of being judged.
I am grateful for all the efforts Nick has put in for me and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping me qualify for the Marathon next year  .
Nick you are the best! bring on the next 12 weeks! 

Sabrina Brady


Nick is the most genuine, decent guy I’ve ever known in the fitness industry. That authenticity comes through from his supreme knowledge of food and exercise, he tailors everything to your individual needs and is with you all the way.

He Is real. Such a change from the sales driven short term programs out there and that’s what a cynical know-it-all like myself needed.

I dropped 4-5 kgs on the program which was my target but more importantly, the composition of my body and mind has changed and I know what I’m doing thanks to him. My journey on this program is just beginning!

If anyone is looking at improving their health and mindset, give this guy a try because you will be blown away with the outcome.

Arthur Sarlas


Where do I start! This man is a bloody genius with everything nutrition and training wise but the best thing about nick is his personality and guidance. He is there the whole way however you need as any great coach should be. I’ve tried other coaches for guidance and to assist track me and none offered the support and personalised approach that nick did!

Being a trainer/coach myself i was so intrigued with his food and training styles and methods that I wanted to see what he can do for me and in the meantime pick his brain and learn as much as I could! He delivered and taught me an endless wealth of information! During the whole course of my program I never once wanted to quit or had the urge to cheat or go off the course at all ….even during holiday/silly season haha

– Managed to lose 6kgs of fat
– Gain muscle
– Changed my whole approach to food… even the ones I hated haha

Nick is the Man! Can not recommend him enough honestly! Most of all this guy is an absolute gentleman with a great Heart and someone who I can actually now call a great friend! ❤️

Macauley Burke


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