About Us

Nick Knows Food & Training Programs was founded to help individuals live balanced, confident lives. We passionately create custom food & training programs that are guaranteed to help you work towards your optimal health & goal physique.

With over ten years industry experience, we specialise in helping individuals lose weight or increase lean muscle mass with sustainable approaches, and work with athletes to reach sports specific targets.

With your personal goal in mind, we simultaneously educate you to do more than reach your desired weight or body we supply the knowledge for you to be able to maintain it as well. We will help inspire you by providing comprehensive, detailed support & guidance so you can create a lifelong understanding of how to eat, when to eat and what to eat with our creative and diverse meal plans.

You can’t outrun bad food choices but with mindful & purposeful nutrition choices in place, the results will astound you.

Nick, owner & founder of Nick Knows Food & Training Programs, has an extensive training regime dating back more than a decade. Exercise is an enjoyable part of Nicks’ routine and he firmly believes you need to enjoy exercise or activity to truly reap the benefits.

With this in mind, Nick Knows Food & Training Programs provide extensive and unique training programs that are sure to bring excitement to your exercise routine. We can supply you with in-depth training techniques & tips to maximise the potential of each exercise and workout, striving for accelerated results with a smarter approach.

Don’t let another year get the best of you. Sign up today in the Programs section or email programs@nickknows.com