5 star review  Honestly, if you are hesitating about whether to commit to Nick Knows Programs, I urge you - SIGN UP RIGHT NOW. You will not regret it - that I promise you. Nick Knows Programs have taught me a phenomenal amount, which I am so grateful for. His support and guidance was (and is) encouraging, practical, achievable, realistic, insightful and EFFECTIVE. Nick's bespoke program catered to my chaotic life and I can confidently say that I have benefitted from these programs, learning how to use bloody delicious and different foods to reach my goals as well as gaining a far better understanding of my body and mind. It is truly an unparalleled program - I lost roughly 8 KG in 12 weeks and have lost more since completing my program and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a meal plan or lifestyle change. Thanks!

    thumb Anna Malanos

    Where do I start! This man is a bloody genius with everything nutrition and training wise but the best thing about nick is his personality and guidance. He is there the whole way however you need as any great coach should be. I’ve tried other coaches for guidance and to assist track me and none offered the support and personalised approach that nick did! Being a trainer/coach myself i was so intrigued with his food and training styles and methods that I wanted to see what he can do for me and in the meantime pick his brain and learn as much as I could! He delivered and taught me an endless wealth of information! During the whole course of my program I never once wanted to quit or had the urge to cheat or go off the course at all ....even during holiday/silly season haha - Managed to lose 6kgs of fat - Gain muscle - Changed my whole approach to food... even the ones I hated haha Nick is the Man! Can not recommend him enough honestly! Most of all this guy is an absolute gentleman with a great Heart and someone who I can actually now call a great friend! ❤️

    thumb Macauley Burke

    5 star review  

    thumb Alex Djokovic

    5 star review  Massive shoutout to nick! Last 8 weeks really challenged me but I learnt a lot about how my body responds to different types of foods and portions. It didn’t really feel like I was dieting cause the meals where very creative and really satisfying� feeling a lot more energised and leaner �

    thumb Daniel Petralia

    5 star review  Loosing weight is hard, so damn hard. And not in the sense of going to the gym and working out. To me thats the easy bit. The hard bit is your food choices after you finish gym. How much of a certain type of food to eat? Is it possible to over eat a certain type of food even though its healthy? Mentally training yourself about your food choices, every, single, day. The last 12 weeks with the help of Nick has definetly educated me and guided me in the right direction of food choices and a balanced life style. The great thing about Nicks programs was that there was So much variety and great tasting meals. Which is important as I get bored so quickly. There were times where I had to ask Nick if he could re add a certain meal the week after because I didnt want that meal to end! Thank you Nick for your time, support and knowledge through out the last 12 weeks! I am now 6 kilos down and I can finally say Im building my confidence back up again! I would definitely recommend Nicks programs to anyone who is ready for some serious change!

    thumb Joanne Arc

    5 star review  

    thumb Giovanni Solinas

    5 star review  bro, I dont know how to thank you so much for guidance over these 12 weeks man, was the best ride and I learnt so much and really pushed my body in my training and pushing myself mentally not only in the gym but to come back to work late and still my food for the next day. I learnt so much as well over the 12 weeks its ridiculous, I've never felt so good as well at this weight its epic.

    thumb Assem Ewais

    I have been on Nick’s food plan for 11 weeks now and can’t believe the results I have achieved,, without starving myself.. The ease of the shopping list and meal plans with the great recipes and huge variety is a big win. My goal was to lose 10kgs over the 12 weeks and that was super easy .. I could still enjoy my treats and was able to still eat the foods that got me FAT and HEAVY and still lose the weight I wanted. I have already lost 12 kgs and am fitting into my old clothes VERY HAPPY... My energy levels are up and I feel like going to the gym of an afternoon as before it was always a challenge. I am super happy with the feedback and support you get from Nick along the way. I have sung the praises of Nick’s food program to heaps of my friends and family and would say to anyone who asks me DEFINITELY GIVE IT A GO

    thumb Greg Willis

    5 star review  

    thumb Rhee K Josh

    Personalised, fun, easy and ENJOYABLE food programs for all. I highly recommend Nick’s programs for anyone looking to live a more positive and active lifestyle- and lose a few kgs in the process! Thank you so much Nick!! 💪🏼

    thumb Connie Calvisi

    Nick is the most genuine, decent guy I've ever known in the fitness industry. That authenticity comes through from his supreme knowledge of food and exercise, he tailors everything to your individual needs and is with you all the way. He Is real. Such a change from the sales driven short term programs out there and that's what a cynical know-it-all like myself needed. I dropped 4-5 kgs on the program which was my target but more importantly, the composition of my body and mind has changed and I know what I'm doing thanks to him. My journey on this program is just beginning! If anyone is looking at improving their health and mindset, give this guy a try because you will be blown away with the outcome.

    thumb Arthur Sarlas

    5 star review  Nick helped my wife and I begin our journey of healthy eating and weight loss. His programs were outstanding, and we both lost weight by following it. Nick is there every step of the way, being in constant communication with you and supporting you. We highly recommend Nick Knows Food Programs to everyone.

    thumb Matt Watt

    5 star review  

    thumb Elenea-Charlotte Grunden

    5 star review  

    thumb George Adamou

    Id like to start off by thanking Nick for the past 12 weeks. Been a really good experience, dieting for once was actually enjoyable, mouthwatering and filling. I was really energised throughout the 12 weeks, portion sizes were great and never had a problem getting the meals together. I am definitely looking forward to doing this once again and recommend his programs to anybody looking to smash their goals. #NickKnows

    thumb Abdalla Attar

    5 star review  When I started with Nick my goal was to loose weight and live healthier. Nick has helped me change my life and for that, I can't thank you enough. I have lost 24.2 kg in 12 weeks without any exercise and still loosing weight. His food programs are easy to follow and taste great. Nick is a true professional and with his support he will help you achieve your goal. Thank you Nick. ??

    thumb Theo Dimo

    All I can say is that if you want results then you neeeeed to email Nick ASAP. I have tried so many 8 week or 12 week challenges but none like Nick Knows Programs. I am currently on my last week of my 12 week program and I am 1000% satisfied with the results I have gotten by following his meal plans. He has not only helped me change my perception of my physical state but he has helped me mentally. He has made me open my eyes to see that it’s not all about the number of the scale. He has been by my side helping me through my off weeks and good weeks to keep me motivated. It’s not boring food either ! I am down 6.4 kgs and still haven’t done my last weigh in! I am currently about to subscribe to do another 12 weeks once I finish my current program. Thank you Nick !

    thumb Angela Garrido

    5 star review  

    thumb Morris Alexander Amin

    5 star review  Nick has helped me achieve a 14 kg weight loss over 12 weeks. Ive also been training on a weights program designed by him for the past month. Nick has helped tailor both programs to suit my life and provided me with the tools I need to continuously lead a healthy lifestyle. Nicks enthusiasm and positive outlook on life is contagious. He has motivated me to achieve and keep achieving my goals. Throughout the past 12 weeks, Nick has been consistently supportive and has addressed any issue or concerns no matter how trivial they may seem. Nick has been very professional while maintaining a fun and friendly environment since I started. Nicks food program is super easy to follow and constantly changes to avoid boredom which makes it easy to stay on track. I have constantly had new recipe and cooking tips and tricks added to my collection. Not having to think about what to cook or what groceries to buy really helps too! I believe the true value lies with how much Nick commits to the client. I wasnt just given a bunch of things to eat each week, I received assistance, motivation and support encouraging me to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle. All in all it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience worth every penny. I look forward to more Nick Knows in the coming year!

    thumb Theodore Nicholas

    What should you expect doing one of Nicks programs? Its the feeling of not ever feeling bloated or sick after meals. The feeling of being squeaky clean and light on the inside. The feeling you get when youre trying something on and have to ask for a smaller size. The feeling of trying on all those clothes that youve pushed to one side of your cupboard, because they just stopped zipping up, and having them fit like a glove again. The feeling of getting ready in the morning, looking in the mirror and thinking 'this looks great' as opposed to 'this will do'. The feeling of actually being excited to try on bikinis for summer, and not dreading it. Doing my Nick Knows eight week food program felt like a big bunch of all those feelings and I cant recommend it enough! Ive learnt some amazing new recipes (which I actually still cant believe are healthy, because they taste so good) which I will incorporate into my everyday life, about portion sizes, what I should be eating and when and also how my body reacts to different foods. Nick I cant thank you enough for your support, encouragement, passion and knowledge!

    thumb Christina Fracassi

    5 star review  I was struggling for a while to loose weight but Nick put together for me a great diet and training plan in 12 weeks I lost almost 9kg and also put on some nice muscle mass, I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to get into shape or needs help with what to eat and there enjoyable meals, Nick really does know ?

    thumb Daniel Savo

    I did a 12 week bulking program with nick. I can honestly say it has changed my outlook on eating. Nick’s program not only teaches you to eat to look the way you want but i found that my sleep improved, my training improved, my mood and energy was a lot better. Most importantly my recovery was better. I would recommend nick knows programs to anyone who wants to build a healthier lifestyle and work towards their goal physique

    thumb Jackson Mansutti

    5 star review  Nicholas has helped me achieve some extra-ordinary results within such a short period of time. I have just completed week 4 of his program and with his ongoing support and well planned and structured meal plan I was able to achieve astounding results. Nicholas was able to accommodate my wheat/dairy/sugar free diet with amazing and easy to cook meals that were both nutritious and delicious. To complicate matters I loosely follow the fodmap diet which he was able to incorporate within each week's meal plan. Nicholas is knowledgeable, supportive and above all passionate about helping his client's achieve the best outcome for themselves, and I can honestly say it is because of his continued support that I have been able to achieve such AWESOME results.

    thumb Fra Mar

    5 star review  

    thumb Ibby Saleh

    5 star review  My goals were tough one's! I wanted to strip body fat, without loosing to much muscle mass. Nick was awesome from the start. He set realistic expectations, and I can say it has been an enlightening and rewarding journey. Far exceeding my expectations! ?

    thumb Christopher Smith

    I just want to start off with Nick really does know!!!! I have just finished his 12 week food program which was 100% designed around my favourite foods and catered perfectly to me. The food program was simple, tasty and easy every week, in all honesty it didn't feel like a diet but simply a healthy and sustainable lifestyle change that taught me how to enjoy food responsibly .This was the best investment I have made into my health, both physically and mentally, so good that I am taking up another 12 week food program with Nick knows. It is one thing to write a food program for a client but what sets Nick apart from anyone else was his proactive approach to checking in and seeing how I was doing during the program. When I emailed or messaged him with questions he always responded to me, I sincerely felt he cared about my progress , helping and motivating me along the journey. An online coach who was always approachable. HE IS THE REAL DEAL!!. If you always wanted to achieve real results do not think about it, sign up to Nick knows. Nick a massive thank you for helping me achieve my goal and can't wait for my next 12 weeks. If I could give 6 stars out of 5 I would.

    thumb Danny Alexander

    A big big thank you to Nick for the last 12 weeks of my meal program. Not only have I learnt a lot from you but I have also learnt a lot about myself within that time. I love all food which you have created for me. Have dropped 11 kilos within that time and Im truly happy with the end result. Have learnt so much about Healthy eating and making food enjoyable, to weighing food portions and meal prep and not only that, Nick also helps me with those meals to stabilise my life style where I can sleep so much better now and waking next morning well rested. Going to work full of energy and coming back from it straight to the gym and pushing my self like never before. I truly would recommend Nick to anyone in need of a training or meal plan. Someone like me stuck for long time in his life with loosing weight and struggle to go from day to next. Nick is so passionate about what he does and it really shows. Nick a big thank you again for everything you have done for me...

    thumb Pawel Sieczkarek

    5 star review  Nick Knows! He really does! Do it, get in touch with him. I sought Nick's help after hitting a plateau with my progress. I was strict, repetitive and tracking macros when it came to my food but it wasn't beneficial. Nick is thorough, passionate and unbelievably knowledgeable. He structured my food plan around me and my lifestyle. He constructed my profile by knowing when I woke and went to sleep, when I trained and when I had the opportunity to eat throughout the day with work constraints etc. These aren't a one size fits all program. They a tailored specifically to the individual and their needs/goals and that's why it works! The support, guidance and patience (haha) Nick had throughout my plan was second to none. I received my plan like clockwork, same time every Friday and Nick was quick to answer any questions I had. Beyond that the plan is easy to follow and the shopping list is even in the order that you'd find the products in the supermarket (call me OCD but I loved that haha). In addition to the weekly plan, Nick always checked in after a weekend to see how freedom periods went and fluctuations we had - this is where you learn what your body is trying to tell you. Couple of tweaks and the fluctuations got lower. His programs provide a sustainable approach to clean/healthy eating and living. I feel fit, strong and lean. No bloating or water retention! You're an absolute legend Nick! It's been an absolute pleasure ? Dani

    thumb Dani Josevski

    Big thank you to Nick for helping me through my 12 week food program - the end result was a loss of 10.3kg. The whole experience taught me how to create sustainable eating habits without compromising my time/work. I especially loved how each week was a different set of recipes, and that I was never bored with the program. Nick was very attentive to my feedback and his advice and mentorship throughout was filled with positivity and determination, which was very much appreciated. Sometimes it's the journey that's more important than the destination, and in this case, my journey through Nick's 12 week food program was so enjoyable that I can see myself continuing this lifestyle for years to come.

    thumb Michael Aquino

    5 star review  Nick really does know! From training to eating, absolutely nothing is boring. Nick tailors programs specifically to your needs and makes it fun. The training is challenging and the eating really doesn't make you feel like you're on a 'diet' - one thing that surprised me is how many awesome habits I've developed since finishing my program with him. I wouldn't recommend anyone else higher.

    thumb Matt Tasso