Food Programs

No short term fad diets! Instead, Nick aims to give you a foundation of knowledge and structure about how to achieve and maintain your desired figure through a sustainable approach. He will teach you how to utilise food to your advantage by personalising a meal plan that is tailored to your body type, goal & daily routines.

All meal plans are created and sent weekly because everyone needs unique adjustments made to their program. Monitoring progress and creating meal plans weekly allows Nick to change the portions and menu accordingly as your Food Program advances.

You will receive a detailed shopping list each week so you know exactly what to buy from the grocery store to last you from Monday to Friday. Weekends are generally specified as freedom periods because balance is key to long term maintenance. Dedicated freedom periods enable you to repeat and practise things learnt from the week which help build your confidence for when the program is completed. You can also use freedom periods to enjoy BBQs, functions and events or treat yourself to your favourite indulgences more commonly known as a cheat meal.

As part of your program, Nick can suggest key supplements that may help accelerate results. These will also be incorporated into your program at the most beneficial times of the day.

Nick doesn’t send you a list of food and push you along your way, all alone – instead, he walks the path with you. During your program period, you will have access to comprehensive one-on-one guidance and support. With the understanding that each client encounters their own motivating or discouraging moments, he endeavours to help you continually excel by making you mindful of the positive lifestyle changes you’re creating.

Nick regularly checks in with you and encourages constant communication throughout the length of your program, allowing him to be there every step of the way, ensuring you feel supported and gain a wealth of insight & understanding about you and your body.